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 DIY: PS3 - RYLOD - aka - Red Yellow Light of Death

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DIY: PS3 - RYLOD - aka - Red Yellow Light of Death Empty
PostSubject: DIY: PS3 - RYLOD - aka - Red Yellow Light of Death   DIY: PS3 - RYLOD - aka - Red Yellow Light of Death Icon_minitime10/21/2014, 7:46 pm

My original fat PS3 (from 2007 release that plays PS1,2 and 3 games) died around Christmas of 2013 died. I knew that it would happen eventually.

Diagnostic: RLOD / YLOD (Red Light of Death / Yellow Light of Death) which means that when a PS3 is turned on; 2 seconds later, it will turn from green to yellow to red flashing light.

After several hours of reading online forums and watching several videos on YouTube, it was discovered that the cause... of this issue was due to CPU and GPU were overheating (simple cleaning the dust will not fix the issue) which made solder balls of the chips melt and become unusable. There are 2 methods of having this fixed. 

 1: Reflow the board - Simple and temporary fix from home. Take apart the PS3 naked, clean the chip surface from old thermal paste residue, use heat gun across the motherboard and the focus would be on the chips to re-melt and let the shape of the solder balls re-position themselves to their proper slots, then, apply new thermal paste and re-assemble the PS3. This would work on a limited time only as those solder balls are faulty from the manufacturer (Thanks Sony).

2: Re-balling the PS3: The steps of "Reflow the board" is followed, however, you are removing ALL of the original solder balls from the chip and clean any residue from the chip and motherboard using special heating plate, gun and chemical specially for electronics. Then, purchase new solder balls (200+ balls)and align to the chip and re-insert into motherboard and continue the "Reflow the board" process. This process is long, tests your patience and require about 150$ of your money minimum.

Above steps has proven to work.

I could easily buy new PS3, but, I would like to challenge myself and re-use anything that can be proven to work afterwards. Save money, gain knowledge, experience and most of all, satisfaction that you can do it.

Here are the videos for your reference:

Reflow the board:

Re-balling the PS3:

Hope this helps and inspire others who would like to do some research before throwing their PS3 out and purchase a new one without attempting to at least salvage it by a simple to not so simple repair.

I am proud to say that i tried method # 1 and it worked for a limited time. However, since it happened again, i still have the PS3, stored away and when i have enough cash and some free time, i will buy the full kit so i can permanetly fix PS3 to what it once was. Original fat PS3 is a rare item now since they play PS1,2 and 3 games. I'm an avid old school gamer that still play old PS1-3 games and would like to keep them on one console. PS4 unfortunately are not backward compatable which sux ass.

Hope everyone finds this very useful, i know i did.

Good luck
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DIY: PS3 - RYLOD - aka - Red Yellow Light of Death
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